OLD: Yuki's Agility guide for Twistedscape

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OLD: Yuki's Agility guide for Twistedscape

Post  Yuki on Fri May 27, 2011 1:53 am

Yuki's 1-99 Agility Guide


Gnome Course

Obstacle XP Gained
Balancing Log 20
Obstacle Net 1 5000
Tree Branch 1 5000
Balancing Rope 20
Tree Branch 2 5000
Obstacle Net 2 20
Obstacle Pipe 500

Step 1: Teleport to home.
Step 2: Go south of the bank and you'll see a NPC named "Pirate Jackie the Fruit".
Step 3: Talk to her and you'll get teleported to the Gnome Course.
Step 4: Walk to the Obstacle Net that leads up and click on it.
Step 5: Walk to the Tree Branch and click on it.
Step 6: Walk to the Balancing Tope and click on it.
Step 7: Walk to the Tree Branch and Click on it.
Step 8: Repeat from Step 4.

Note: There's a big chance you'll get disconnected all the time while doing agility, that's why it's important to walk to the obstacle before clicking on it.
Note: Ignore the obstacles that give lesser experience.
Note: You can use this course for level 1-99 Agility if you're afraid to go to the wilderness.

Wilderness Course
Use Lunar Magicks and teleport to Ice Plateau or go to Mage Bank PKing and walk from there to the course.
All you need to do is to keep crossing the Stepping Stones which give 6000 xp. (Didn't test myself yet)

I didn't take these pictures myself, but it's just to help a bit.

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