OLD: Yuki's Mining guide for Twistedscape

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OLD: Yuki's Mining guide for Twistedscape

Post  Yuki on Fri May 27, 2011 1:55 am

Yuki's 1-99 Mining Guide

The Rocks

Level 1: Rune Essence: 220XP in 3 secs (440XP in 6 secs)
Level 1: Copper: 70XP in 6 secs
Level 1: Tin: 70XP in 6 secs
Level 15: Iron: 200XP in 6 secs
Level 30: Coal: 300XP in 6 secs
Level 40: Gold: 650XP in 6 secs
Level 55: Mithril: 500XP in 6 secs
Level 70: Adamantite: 700XP in 6 secs
Level 85: Runite: 1000XP in 6 secs

The Pickaxes

Rune Pickaxe = 20682gp
Adamant Pickaxe = 2278gp
Mithril Pickaxe = 961gp
Steel Pickaxe = 384gp
Iron Pickaxe = 113gp
Bronze Pickaxe = 1gp

Note: you can use rune pickaxe from level 1, so it's best to get it.
Note: you need to wield the pickaxe to start mining.

Getting the Pickaxe
To start you'll need a pickaxe!
You can buy one off the dwarf named "Nurmof".
He's located at home, west from Miles and Giles.
He's located in Camelot Bank.
To go there, use the "Seers & Cath" teleport or "Catherby" teleport (for Ancient/Lunar users), and walk north-west until you reach Camelot.
* Ignore the red line on the map of Seers' Village, it was the best I could find at the moment.

Finding the Rocks
Teleport to Falador and walk to the west bank, and then go south a bit, you'll find some rocks there. (from Rune Essence to Adamant ores)
To find the Gold rocks, go all the way to the north-east corner of Falador, and you'll find a small house with a staircase that leads to the Dwarven Mines. (Map)
To find the Runite Rocks, get ancient magicks, and teleport to Ghorrock (wilderness), then walk all the way west until you reach the lava maze.

How To Train
Level 1-40: You'll need 37,224 XP for 1-40 Mining.
Rune Essence gives the best experience for now.
We'll have to mine 170 Essences to get 40 Mining.
TIP: Type "::bank" and click once on the essence every 3 seconds.

Level 40-70: You'll need 700,403 XP for 40-70 Mining.
So it's time to go mine some Gold.
Go to the Dwarven Mines and mine some gold.
The best thing is, the "Dwarf Remains" you mine (by clicking the Gold Rock) are stackable, meaning it will only take one inventory spot.
We'll need to mine 1078 Gold Ores (Dwarf Remains) to get to 70 Mining.
You can also mine 3184 Rune Essences instead of doing gold.

Level 70-99: You'll need 12,296,804 XP for 70-99 Mining.
So we can step over to Adamant Ores, but we'll have to "::bank" if we do so.
Teleport to falador, and walk to the mining spot.
We'll need to mine 17567 Adamant Ores to get 99 Mining.
You can also mine 18919 Gold Ores (Dwarf Remains) or 55895 Rune Essences.

PS: you can also do Runite ores at level 85.

This can take from 30-50 hours to get to 99, depending on what method you'll use.

Good luck! and go for that cape.


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