OLD: Items I don't have

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OLD: Items I don't have

Post  Yuki on Fri May 27, 2011 2:11 am

NEW NOTE: Make that all items on TS except for a fire staff.

Red Decorative Body
Red Decorative Legs
Red Decorative Shield
White Decorative Body
White Decorative Legs
White Decorative Kiteshield
Gold Decorative Body
Gold Decorative Legs
Gold Decorative Shield
Zamorak banner
Anger Sword
Anger Mace
Rune (g) Kiteshield
Black (g) Kiteshield
Black (t) Kiteshield

Spined Chaps
Black (g) Platebody
Black (g) Platelegs
Glowing Dagger
Tribal Mask
Elemental Ore
Bag of Salt
Snowdrop Seed

Green Cape
Purple Cape
Orange Cape
Steel Platelegs
Steel Plateskirt
Mithril Plateskirt
Fire Orb
Water Orb
Fishing Rod
Zamorak Brew
Super Antipoison
Water Tiara
Earth Tiara
Body Tiara
Cosmic Tiara
Law Tiara
Death Tiara
Soul Tiara
Bronze Spear
Iron Spear
Steel Spear
Mithril Spear
Adamant Spear
Rune Spear

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