OLD: Avatar/signature system on some random TS forums

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OLD: Avatar/signature system on some random TS forums

Post  Yuki on Fri May 27, 2011 2:12 am

A simple guide.

Step 1: Go to "Profile".

Step 2: Click on "Avatar"

Step 3: Pick an avatar from your computer. (Cannot be too big)

After that click on "Save".
~Congratulations! you got an avatar~

Now to get a Signature!
Step 4: Click on "Signature".

Step 5: Make a Signature.

Tip: You can make the pictures yourself, but then you'll need to upload the picture to another site so you can copy the URL.
Just register on that site and start uploading your pictures.

If you plan to search for Pre-made signatures then just use Google, and type in what kind of signature you want. (Example: One Piece Signature)

Step 6: Click on "Preferences"

Step 7: Enable this option, or your signature won't show up automatically!


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